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In September 2002, a small group of X-Men fanfic authors got together and formed a movieverse RPG called Left Turn at Westchester. Over the course of nearly three years, Left Turn attracted a host of fantastic writers. The combination of stellar characterization, exciting plots and camaraderie gave us a die-hard following of loyal readers, and made our game one of the best-known X-Men RPGs on the 'net.

By March 2005, however, changes in our players' real lives made daily gaming impossible, so the decision was made to close the RPG. But the LT universe had taken on a life of its own. It had become a world as multi-layered and detailed as any in the fandom, and none of us were ready to see the stories end. As a result, the Left Turn Archive was born.

A year passed. Stories were written, real life changed, and creative batteries were recharged. And in May 2006... we came back.

Community Guidelines

1. Be polite. No flaming, insults, or trolling allowed. "Playing nice" has always been the number one cardinal rule of Left Turn, and nothing will get you banned faster than a rotten attitude.

2. Membership is open to anyone, as long as you follow the rules. Anyone can post fan fic and fan art; you do not need to be a player in order to write and post stories set in the Left Turn universe. And you don't have to post anything at all; if you'd like to join just to read along, that's okay too!

Story Guidelines

1. Stories can be posted on the community LJ, or as a link to another journal or website. When posting your story, please include the following for ease in archiving:
* Story Title
* Author(s)
* Rating
* Main Characters
* Canon or AU (see below)
* Brief Summary

2. When posting fics and fan art to the community LJ, please use cut tags.

3. New to the LT universe? Need a crash course in our history? Try these links:
The Game
The Daily Recaps

Canon vs. AU

To be considered part of LT canon, a story needs to be written or approved by the players of the main characters featured in the story.

AU fics are open to anyone. "What ifs?" and alternate scene endings are perfectly welcome, as are new character interpretations and twists on canon history. AU fics require no approval from the original players, so let your imagination go wild. It must be obvious that it's a "Left Turn fic," however. We're a specific archive, and our fics should be LT-canon or -inspired. There are plenty of other archives with a broader scope. :)

And the obligatory disclaimer: The X-Men and all related properties belong to Marvel and 20th Century Fox. We just play with them and give Marvel free publicity. ;)
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